The Wine List 2006

Jukes, Matthew

ISBN: 0755313585 Publisher: Headline Book Publishing Ltd

The Wine List

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We have marveled at Matthew Jukes' knowledge about wines ever since attending one of his wine talks several years ago. We also marvel at the number of tasting notes, 26,000, he has at hand, knowing well that he does his own tasting.

The Wine List 2006 is a pocket size encyclopedia for wine lovers. Matthew has selected 250 wines from the thousands he has tasting notes on, but unlike other guides, his selection is not based on price or name. Instead, he has gone for ones he feels are exceptional. It shows that wines that most connoisseurs would turn their noses up at are worth looking at or, in this case, tasting.

Apart from the actual list of 250 wines, Matthew has a section called the A to Z of food and wine combinations, where he covers the best wines to have with different types of dishes. He, also, covers wine growing regions, providing the reader with details of the best producers and the types of wines grown.

So, if you want to improve your chances of buying a half decent wine then The Wine List is something that should be on your shopping list.