Celtic Cuisine

Davies, Gilli

ISBN: 9781905582105

Publisher: Graffeg

Celtic Cuisine brings together over 160 recipes from 67 cooks in Wales, Scotland, Brittany, Isle of Man and Cornwall. Rick Stien, Darina Allen (Ballymaloe Cookery School), Catherine Brown (Scottish food writer), Ronnie Clydesdale (The Ubiquitous Chip) are just a few of the talented contributors to this book. From traditional recipes and modern interpretations to contemporary cuisine.

The Celtic countries offers some of the best quality ingredients, be it from the sea, river, farms, or the wild. The unspoilt nature of the land and sea, and a strong tradition of cookery has allowed the Celts to use the finest ingredients to prepare dishes with great pride.

There are so many great recipes in this book it is hard to find fault. They are not repetitive but so varied that there is a dish for every occasion. For just a taste of Celtic Cuisine I've separated just a few of the recipes into their style of cuisine. The first is Traditional selection: Welsh Rarebit, Cock-a-leekie, Star Gazy Pie, Sole au Beurre (sole in butter), Fish Soup from Belle-lle, Glamorganshire Sausages, Skirlie, Cornish Pasty, Black Pudding, Spiced Beef, Poacher's Pie and Scottish Cranachan and Dundee Cake. Next, we have Traditional with a Twist: Laverbread and Bacon Pots, Crumbed Smoked Haddock, Aberdeen Angus and Ayrshire Bacon Meat Roll with Rhubarb or Beetroot Chutney and Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding. Finally, Modern Contemporary Cuisine: Dublin Bay Prawn Bisque, Trio of Oysters with Smoked Salmon and Auburn Herb Oil, Salad of Pemborkeshire Lobster with a cockle and Lavarbread Dressing, Medallions of Venison with a Wild Mushroom Sauce, Michaelmas Goose with Black Pudding and Apple Stuffing and Roulade of Rabbit with Nettle and Mustard Sauces.

Compiled by well known food writer Gilli Davies, this well chosen collection of Celtic recipes should be put to good use in the kitchen and not simply left to look good on a coffee table.