Organic, Baby and Toddler Cookbook

Vann, Lizzie

ISBN: 07513 2907X

Publisher: Dorling and Kindersley

We all worry about what we feed our children's mouth these days. With much of our food full of pesticides, additives and genetically modified ingredients in our food, we need to be careful about what we feed our children. Lizzie Vann is the founder of the brilliant baby food company "Baby Organix", the only food that oldest daughter (who is now 13) would eat as a young baby. These foods are not only good for your children, they are really tasty.

None of us want are children to become ridiculously fussy (as so many seem to be these days), it often seems that many children are brought up on chips, very plain pasta and pizza (that is a pizza with just mozzarella and tomato of course). It is important that we introduce plenty of variety in our children's food with lots of different tastes and textures. These recipes are full of flavour with lots of exciting ingredients, such as "Vegetable Korma" (my baby daughters favourite from 6 months old), "Fruity Rice with Chicken and Apricot" and for older children "Spicy Bean Burger" and :"Chicken Dippers". Recipes are easy to follow and most are quick to prepare ( a very important factor when cooking for a hungry child).

The book also includes plenty of advice on nutrition including, meal planners for each stage of each stage of your child's development and advice for vegetarian children and those with special needs.

This is an excellent book for parents who really want to feed their children tasty healthy food.