Mastering the Art of Baking

Manning, Anneka

ISBN: 9781742

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Mastering the Art of Baking is a step by step cookbook that takes you through all the stages of baking. From modern to traditional, this book covers everything you need to know about baking with over 280 recipes.

This book starts with a clear introduction covering all the basics: ingredients, techniques and equipment. This is followed by easy to follow recipes with clear instructions, plenty of tips and photos of the steps and finished product.

Delicious recipes include biscuits, cakes, bread, pies and tarts for just a start. With lots of easy recipes this book also offers more complicated ones suitable to those who wishing to extend their repertoire.

While an excellent cookbook for the novice it still offers plenty of recipes for the more experienced baker. A great baking bible, easy to follow but thorough and full of really tasty recipes.