Warm Bread and Honey Cake

Pagrach-Chandra, Gaitri

ISBN: 9781862058415

Publisher: Pavilion Books

Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra has a true passion for baking through an inspiring selection of international selection of recipes she encourages the home cook to get the baking bug. Gaitri grew up in the then British Guiana, with a Hindu Brahmin background, she attended a Protestant school, a Catholic convent, went to university in Canada, married a Dutch-Jewish man and settled in rural Holland. Not surprisingly this unusual background has resulted in a very multi-cultural approach to life and food. Through her notebook titled 'Gaitri's Baking Journal' she put together notes and recipes of baked goods so that she was able to tweak them into perfection and put together a collection inspired by her childhood, families and friends. This book is the result of the perfected "Baking Journal".

In this book Gaitri caters for all levels of cooks from the novice to the experienced baker. It is not an encyclopedia but a collection of ethnic baking, including regional recipes that rarely or never leave their origin. Included in the book are the all important chapters on Ingredients and Equipment, these are clear to follow and not so long winded that you miss out on some of the all important basics of the science of baking.

The book takes you on a culinary journey around the world, exploring international home-baking and its history. Tempt your taste buds with 'Alu Roti' (potato-stuffed flatbreads) from India, Turkish meat-topped flat breads "Etli Tide', German Freeform Rye Loaves, Lamingtons from Australia (yummy squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate syrup and desiccated coconut) and Swiss Walnut and Toffee Pie, along with plenty more mouth watering recipes. There are plenty of delectable photographs of dishes and ingredients through out this book offering even more enticement.

I love this book! Gaitri approach to baking is full of warmth, relaxed, fascinating and informative. Most importantly her recipes are enticing and should inspire home cooks to try something new and get baking.