Brian Turner's Favourite British Recipes

Turner, Brian

ISBN: 0755310926

Publisher: Headline

It amazes me that a country that has so much diversity of really good traditional dishes and great ingredients, always looks abroad for good food. What makes a French dish more special than a British? Nothing, but the French pride themselves on their regional food, while Britain often smirks. Luckily there is beginning to be a great turn in the way the British think with more hunting down local food and great books being written about British food, this being one of them.

Brian Turner has produced a book full of delicious and diverse food, with recipes from Britain's countries and regions. Traditional dishes include: Welsh Rabbit, Scotch Eggs, Irish Stew, Jellied Eels, Cornish Pasties, Toad in the Hole, Lancashire Hotpot, Beef Wellington, Spotted Dick, and Sticky Toffee Pudding, to name but a few. Turner also highlights the quality ingredients on offer with recipes such as Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Salad of Scallops with Bacon, Roast Loin of Pork with Crackling, Braised Duck with Peas, and Game Pie.

A fabulous book that celebrates the best of British food.