Charlie Trotter's Meat & Game

Trotter, Charlie

ISBN: 1580082386

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

In this cook book, Charlie Trotter brings the reader some of his favourite meat and game recipes from his acclaimed restaurant. His unique selection of recipes are clearly laid out and include plenty of tips. Accompanying them are spectacular photographs by Tim Turner and Michael Volattorni.

Trotter has a modern approach to food, using traditional Western European methods, but with a strong influence from East Asia that create exciting and unique dishes. Charlie Trotter encourages the reader to use his recipes as a guide not a bible, leaving you inspired to create dishes that develop through his guidance and your imagination.

In typical Charlie Trotter style, he has put together a cook book that has no rivals. This book, containing more than 150 exceptional recipes, is excellent for lovers of good food and chefs looking for inspiration. Charlie Trotter's Meat & Game is one of the most creative books of its kind and I'm sure it will be a classic along with his first four books in the series in years to come.