A Chef For All Seasons

Ramsay, Gordon

ISBN: 9781903845929

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

The name Gordon Ramsay always generates interest. Be it for his sharp tongue or the expletives that follow, he is, to most TV viewers, great entertainment. Pick up one of his books, though, and you understand that his abilities as a chef are the ones stand out within his chosen profession. A Chef For All Seasons is another example of Gordon's ability to deliver a cookery book that will inspire you with some wonderful dishes.

While it is the trend to deliver seasonal cookery books that talk endlessly about the rights and wrongs of food transportation and evils of flying salad leaves half way around the world, Gordon has some more practical advise, when he states that "I won't use out-of-season foods from another hemisphere unless they are as good as our own home-grown produce in season." While I don't totally agree, he has a point that it make no sense to buy just for the sake of buying "fresh" overseas produce.

Right, now I have got the above off my chest, what about his book? Well, A Chef For All Seasons is simple divided into the four seasons. It start of each season is where Gordon wax lyrical about the produce and ingredients that are at their peak. Then there are a selection of dishes from starters to desserts based on the best of the season. As an example, Spring sees Peas coming into season, and Gordon goes through his experience when he was a young chef in Paris and why he loves them. The commentary gives you an understanding about Gordon Ramsay's approach to ingredients and produce and getting the best from them.

So, this cookery book is another fine example of why Gordon Ramsay is a true professional. He dishes, like Spring Pea Soup, Pumpkin and Pancetta Risotto, Rhubarb Cheesecake with Rhubarb Compote or Pear, Honey and Lime Cake are not unique to this cookery book, but are presented in a way that has Gordon's flare to deliver great results.