Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian

Bains, Sat

ISBN: 9780955893025

Publisher: Face Publishing

bare ingredients Cookery Book of the year, 2012. We are please to announce that Sat Bains' Too Many Chiefs, Only One Indian is our cookery book of the year.

Too Many Chiefs, Only One Indian is the ultimate coffee table book, stunningly presented in black linen, modern bold presentation, cool and very quirky. It reveals Sat Bains as a passionate driven chef, with the will to succeed through the love of his wife and good food. His debut book will certainly inspire chefs and foodies around the world.

His restaurant is a foodies heaven with a tasting menu of 7-10 courses specially chosen for the customers. He doesn't use complicated techniques to show off, instead bringing out the ultimate flavour of his ingredients to impress and delight. His creations show great respect for even the simplest of ingredients. In his restaurant the seasons dictate the menu, dishes may be on the menu for as long or as short as the ingredients season. Many of the ingredients are even foraged locally, with nettles, horseradish, elder flowers all featuring strongly in his menus.

Recipes are boldly presented over several pages with stunning full page photographs. They are all accompanied by a seasonal availability table and a taste profile (an important part of his tasting menu, offering different tastes, textures and temperatures). I love his attitude to the presentation of his dishes, he believes that this is up to you and your own creativity, he, himself, regularly varies the look of his food served at the restaurant (a rare practice for a Michelin star chef). Most importantly, can you cook these recipes in the domestic kitchen? The answer is a definite yes!!!

Dishes vary in the level of difficulty and many components can be prepared as a dish in their own right. Recipes are surprisingly un-daunting, well laid out in stages, methods are descriptive with all techniques clearly explained including an insight into the dish itself. The recipes are exciting with plenty of great ideas and combinations. For just a taste of whats on offer how about Langoustine/Water-Melon/Samphire/ to start, from the mains Beef/Cheek/Oysters/, an unusual combination of Mandarin/Parmesan from his cross-over dishes and from his desserts Popcorn/Passion Fruit/Miso/. Note: the recipes as he titles them within the book.

An amazing book even just to flick through as the photographs bring it to life. giving a glimpse into the world of this 2 Michelin star chef, where he came from, his travels, creation of dishes, his restaurant and the people in it. Most importantly it's a joy to read. Too Many Chiefs, Only One Indian is a unique and very special cookbook. This first edition is limited to 10,000 and is available through Face Publications, Amazon UK and, also, at Restaurant Sat Bains. So if you looking for that very special gift...