Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

Solomon, Charmaine

ISBN: 1580084273

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

This new updated version of this Australian classic vegetarian cookbook offers readers exciting vegetarian dishes from around the globe. Containing over 600 recipes, it is the best reference books on vegetarian cooking and a must for anyone serious about cooking. Many of the recipes draw inspiration from countries where vegetarian food is part of their culture and has been for centuries, including India, the Middle East, China and Mexico.

Unfortunately, many still believe that vegetarian food is bland and boring. Charmaine Solomon helps to dispels that myth by introducing the uninitiated reader a whole new world of flavours and tastes. With some beautiful photographs and easy to follow recipes, there is no reason not to discover why vegetarian food is becoming more and more popular.

The book offers delicious food for all taste, including: Falafels, Broccoli and Bell Peppers Soufflés, Lentil Sesame and Sunflower Burgers, Korean Pancakes, Pot Stickers, Pineapple Coconut Curry, and Gado Gado, along with yummy desserts such as Cassata la Siciliana and Spicy Coconut Custard. Recipes are down to earth and clearly laid out, and include plenty of hints, information and variations.

This book is full of plenty of delicious dishes for family and friends to try. Charmaine Solomon vegetarian cookbook will provide inspiration for cooks of all levels.