Cooking with Herb, A Cookbook for Kids

Harter, Debbie

ISBN: 1902283996

Publisher: Barefoot Books

This is a light hearted cook book, with exciting and tasty recipes for everyone. All the recipes are well laid out and easy to follow. They are accompanied by stories, hints and help from Herb, his friends and family who include Grand-Ma-Ma-Flora, Rosie-Rosie and Gorse. The recipes are illustrated with fun and colourful pictures of herb and his friends preparing the dishes.

A major plus for this book is the manner it introduces healthy and nutritious food to children, showing that vegetarian food is just as good to eat as meat based dishes. By creating a fun storybook style cookbook it makes cooking fun for children more than just a chore.

The writer of this book regularly writes for "BBC Vegetarian Good Food Magazine" and" Saveur". This is his second book with Herb, the first one is the novel "Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon" which is a fun adventure story that makes a great gift to accompany the cook book.