Easy Weekends

Perry, Neil

ISBN: 9781743361856

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Neil Perry is one of my favourite chefs with a style of cooking that could only come from a multicultural country like Australia with a great selection of ingredients. His philosphy in food is much like my own; buy quality ingredients, eat fresh and varied food. Don't miss out on the pleasures that a little bit of pork fat can bring, as long as you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and grains. The key is balalnce!

In this book he celebrates home cooking with over a 100 recipes for family and friends for any occosaian. Be it a quick and easy meal for two, a relaxed family dinner, an elaborate party for friends, to a decadent lazy Sunday breakfast. Neil's recipes offers something for all, with easy to follow accesable dishes.

Easy Weekends has something to offer every occasion and palate from Lamb and Macaroni Bake, Spicy Salmon Salad, to a Roast Pork Shoulder with Mustard Fruits and Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Greek Style Custard Tart.

I love this book its aproachable style and varied selections of dishes and ingredients. It is beautifully presented with plented of photos accompying each dish. A great resource for any home.