Everyday Novelli

Novelli, Jean-Christophe

ISBN: 9780755317172

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

Everyday Novelli is Jean-Christophe's book of everyday recipes. It contains recipes suitable from breakfast thought to late supper. Simply laid out in to times of the day the recipes are 'mouthwatering, scrumptious' treats for the whole family.

Being an everyday cookbook, it naturally starts with Breakfast and Brunch. On the weekend, there is nothing more nice that a lazy breakfast, and with recipes like his Spiced Mixed Berries with Yogurt or Royal Egg Flan Trio. If you are looking for something 'Brunch', then the Poached Salmon, Leek and Blue Cheese Quiche maybe more what you are after. Finally, I can't leave the breakfast chapter without mentioning the Brioche. Jean-Christophe started his working life as a baker, and he has written a recipe that is simplicity itself, but works wonderfully.

So what next? Lunch, of course, and in the Lunch chapter, we see more recipes to tempt you into the kitchen. They range from the savoury, in French Country Pâté or Baby Squid, Chorizo, Black Pudding, Anchovy, Goat's Cheese and Orange Salad. Additionally, the Sweet Curried Seafood Stew in Beer and Chou Farci (Stuffed Cabbage) will keep hunger at bay. Lunchtime sweets include Strawberry and Lemongrass Skewers, Tarts Fine with Pineapple and Chilli or Bitter Chocolate and Honeycomb Parfait

Unusually, and missing from a lot of cookery books, Everyday Novelli has a chapter for Afternoon Tea. The recipes range from Ham and Cheese Beignets, Deep-fried Smoke Salmon Scotch Eggs, Warm Cherry Clafoutis and Chocolate Macaroon Yo-Yos. The one recipe I have time for, though, is the Swan Meringues. While there is nothing wrong with the recipe on the whole, I can see many a tears been shed in frustration as flustered cooks the world over try to perfect the plating on these devils in disguise.

Beyond Afternoon Tea, the book has chapters on Dinner, Dinner Parties and Late Supper. Within, you find some classics and some unusual recipes, all brought in a clearly laid-out manner. So what recipes caught my eye? Well, they were: Salmon en Croûte, Slow Braised Honey and Cider Caramelised Pork Belly, Roasted Vine Tomato Tarts with Rocket Crème Fraîche, Iced Raspberry Soufflés with Vanilla and Yogurt and Late Piquant 'Minute' Chicken.

Finally, when you think there could be no more, Jean-Christophe brings us his Repertoire of accompaniments and side dishes. Which, you can see does bring us over 100 recipes for all occasions.

Everyday Novelli is one of those books that will take the home cook to a new level. Each of the recipes are laid out clearly. Some of the dishes are simpler, which means you can build up to more complex recipes. Also, the Repertoire allows you to develop your range of dishes that you will be able to produce without too much stress. Overall, we like the book, but we have only one criticism, and that is the inside leaf states that you can 'Make the most of seasonal ingredients and fresh herbs.' I think the book fails to deliver on providing enough guidance on that point! Still, I feel this a lovely produced book that has something for beginners and experienced cooks, alike.