Bhogal, Vicky

ISBN: 9780340963180

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Vicky Bhogal takes a very open approach to cooking, without the rules and controls that have often limited the creation of new dishes. Often frowned upon, fusion dishes can be amazing when prepared by those who understand the flavours and properties of the ingredients. This style of cooking is frequently disapointing when chefs or cooks have a poor understanding of their ingredients and combinations, simply preparing dishes to seem fashionable and clever.

In this book Vicky shows you how to combine ingredients to create imaginative and delicious dishes that are uncomplicated to prepare. Many of these combinations may seem bizare but with a strong understanding of her ingredients Vicky manages to pull them off. Beautifully presented with plenty of inticing photographs and quirky illustrations. Recipes are clear and easy to follow, including the background of each dish, its origins and history, along with ideas and tips. Tiger Prawn and Mandarin Soup, Paneer Rosemary Spears with Bitter Orange and Almond, Sea Bass with Apple and Mint, Saffron Quails Stuffed Ricotta, Garlic and Gooseberry Mash, Blackberries in Earl Grey with Cashew Nut Ice Cream, and Cardamom Chocolate Pots are just a few of the 100 plus recipes this book has to offer.

An unusual selection of mouth watering recipes this book is suitable for all levels of cooks bored of their everyday repetoire and wanting to try something new tasty and exciting.