From Nature to Plate

Kitchin, Tom

ISBN: 9780297855934

Publisher: Weidenfeild & Nicolson

Tom Kitchin is a highly successful Scottish chef who worked his way up through some of the top restaurants in the world. His Edinburgh restaurant 'Kitchin' was awarded a Michelin star within 6 months of opening when he was only 29 making him the youngest chef in Scotland to hold this prestigious award. He has become a familiar face in the UK. after appearing in the BBC series Great British Menu.

The Kitchin's philosophy is 'From Nature to Plate', a fresh seasonal approach to food. The book guides you through the seasons with over a 100 recipes, some uncomplicated with only a few ingredients while others offer more of a challenge. Tom Kitchin's recipes include classics such as Asparagus Hollandaise, Gazpacho, Scottish Grouse with Bread Sauce and Game Chips and Trifle, along with plenty of his own creations including Roast Bone Marrow with Snails and Parsley Salad, Boned and Rolled Pig's Head with Langoustines and a Crispy Ear,and Blood Oranges with Oatmeal Sponge and Blood Orange Cream. Scottish photographer Marc Milar brings the book to life with stunning photography throughout the book and I'm pleased to say photos accompany all the recipes.

All in all this is lovely book with a freshness that makes it stand out from the average restaurant cookbook. An inspiring book to open your eyes to what natures larder has to offer.