Good Food by Neil Perry

Perry, Neil

ISBN: 1740459237

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Neil Perry has an awsome reputaion in the world of food. He owns Wockpool, XO and Rockpool Bar and Grill. He uses his food knowledge to write some wonderful cookbooks, and Good Food is no exception. As with his other books, this book explores the joy that Neil gets from cooking, where he puts his love of food in words for us to enjoy.

The introduction lists Neil Perry's philosophy for good food. Simply put, he suggests that you buy the freshest food you can buy, with a mind on what is in season. Additionally, his best advice is to make cooking fun. You will never succeed in creating anything good unless you enjoy doing so. This is especially true when cooking. These recipes are easy to prepare for friends and family, without it becoming a strain.

I am hard pressed to select my favorite recipes from Good Food without listing all of them. His recipes show his diverse skills as a chef, like Chestnut, Pancetta and Cabbage Soup, Sicilian Style Whiting, Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk and Whole Spices and Rendang of Beef. If dessert is your thing, you will love Baked Pear Clafoutis or Chocolate Pots de Créme, to name just two.

No doubt this book will be a great success, not just because Neil Perry wrote it, but because it contains excellent recipes throughout.