Marco Pierre White's Great British Feast

Pierre White, Marco

ISBN: 9781409100447

Publisher: Orion Books

Three Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White has a great respect for Mother Natures ladar and understands that his role is to prepare dishes that show them at their best. In this book Marco hunts out the best of natures produce, be it through shooting, fishing or foraging. With it he creates amazing new and traditional based dishes, that shows us how much our environment has to offer.

This cookbook offers plenty of enticing recipes that are well laid out and easy to follow. Accompanied by clear introductions, anecdotes, seasonal information, and ideas.Recipes vary greatly from Scallops with Rhubarb, Venison Tartare and Lamb with Cockles to more traditional Shepard's Pie, Potted Shrimp and Treacle Tart.

Some may find it hard to cope with his passion for hunting but surely this is better that mass produced farm produce. Marco's golden rule for hunting, is hunt to eat, not for the pleasure of the sport. No waste, and only kill what is to be consumed and enjoyed. I may not be hunter or a great angler but I do love foraging and never understand why people would prefer to buy ingredients in a package rather than have the joy of collecting it for themselves. This book encourages us to look beyond the supermarket shelves and see what Mother Nature has on offer, be it seaweed from the beach, elderflowers or blackberries from the hedgerows. Food should not simply just be consumed but respected and enjoyed.

This celebration of British food should appeal to many readers, with plenty of great recipes, ideas and as a guide to nature's seasonal produce.