Hairy Bikers' British Classics

King, Si

Myers, Dave

ISBN: 9780141029467

Publisher: Seven Dials

While there seem to be almost endless TV chefs talking and writing about British Classics, the majority are fairly boring and very predictable. So, when I reviewed the new book from Si King and Dave Myers, I was expecting another dull book with a lot of 'same as' recipes. Luckily, I have to say this book is not one of those but is a great reference for menu ideas that acknowledge the fine, everyday food of Britain.

While we have seen a lot of the recipes in other books, the thing that Si and Dave's new book has done is to make it into a perfect collection that covers all seasons, from Summer with Salads and Bar-be-ques to Cosy Classics and Perfect Puddings. Of course, there are the Christmas and Easter classics, along with Favourite Family Suppers.

I do like that we have soups for different seasons, as in Summer Vegetable Soup and Winter Vegetable Soup, two recipes that can give all year around. There are recipes for meat, fish and chicken, along with some vegetable dishes. Those with a sweet tooth will love the classic cakes, such as Dundee Cake, Victoria Cake with Blackberries and Spiced Cream, which Dave must have contributed as his mum would bake for the family, and last-minute Christmas Cake.