Innocent; little book of drinks

Ede, Lucy

Germain, Dan

ISBN: 1841157260

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Innocent is a British company that produces a selection of really yummy smoothies and yoghurt drinks, that are not only tasty but also really good for you. After much interest from consumers of their drinks they have thankfully put together this excellent book.

The book is broken up into three sections, suiting the purpose of the drinks. The first chapter isWork:these drinks are seriously healthy, giving you the vitamins and nutrients to see you through a working days. Recipes include Carrot, Beetroot & Celery and a Classic Strawberry & Banana Smoothie. The next chapter Rest includes drinks for relaxing in your spare time with plenty of exotic fruits and even chocolate. Try a Mango and Cardamom Thickie and for lovers of white chocolate a White Chocolate Smoothie. Last but far from least is Play: this to me is true indulgence, including plenty of decadent cocktails and rich drinks for pure enjoyment. The recipe for a Lemon grass and Ginger Martini is right down my street and for my daughter a Real Chocolate Milkshake makes a great holiday treat.

Also included in this book is plenty of good advice, including: how to look after your ingredients, the basics of juicing (how to puree different fruit and vegetables, how to choose your juicer and other equipment) and most importantly plenty of nutritional information.

This is a really fun drink cookbook full of recipes for tasty and refreshing drinks for all times of day. Anyone who has ever tasted one of "innocents" drinks will know just how good these are and to have the opportunity to prepare them in your own home is not to be missed. If you love juicing or if you have ever had an interest but not the time or just because you simply love making alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails for entertaining this book is for you.