Recipes from an Italian Summer


ISBN: 978-0714856230

Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd

As all foodies know, there is nothing better than the quintessential delights of dining al-fresco during the summer months. Be it light salads, barbecues or picnics, there is nothing more enjoyable than having the family and friends over to share some food. Recipes from an Italian Summer is a series of dishes based around as the name says summer, covering the many regions of Italy.

Recipes are drawn from the essential recipe book in Italy, ‘Il cucchiaio d’argento’ or Silver Spoon. The recipes were originally published in Domus, the design and architectural magazine, before been published by Phaidon in 2005. This edition was released in 2010.

The book focuses on dishes that are easy to prepare and enjoy. So, the book lays out its recipes in chapters on Picnics, Salads, Barbecues, Light Lunches and Suppers, Summer Entertaining, Desserts and Ice Creams and Drinks. In addition, the book has a helpful list of Food Festivals, Seasonal Food Calendar and a Directory of Suppliers in Great Britain and Australia, though there are only a few suppliers listed.

Without a doubt, this is a great book to have in your collection. There is no better joy than sharing some food with family and friends on those halcyon summer days. Recipes from an Italian Summer is like a holiday in Italy, where the recipes guide us through a glorious medley of dishes to enjoy the hot days and warm nights.