Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art

Tsuji, Shizuo

ISBN: 0870113992

Publisher: Kodansha International

After years of hunting for a a really good Japanese cook book I stumbled across Shizou Tsuji Book. This book is a thorough study of Japanese food not just a collection of recipes. The book is broken up into two parts, the first section gives you the solid basics and the second one contains more simple recipes and some more complicated recipes to develop your skills.

The book begins with a clear introduction to Japanese meals, utensils, equipment and ingredients and is then followed with 20 chapters of Japanese cookery skills and dishes including grilling, steaming, noodles, sushi, pickles etc. The book includes clear diagrams, photos and seasonal suggestions. With over 220 recipes spread out over 400 pages this is a book for those of us that wish to know more about Japanese food rather than just sushi and tempura.

I believe this book to be one of the best Japanese cook books ever written.