Just Desserts

Ramsay, Gordon

ISBN: 9781844000197

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

Just Desserts, that near witty retort to indicate you get what you deserve, is the title of Gordon Ramsay's book dedicated solely to a subject that is very dear to many people. Desserts! As a very young boy, I would love Chocolate Mousse that my mother would make for us. It was, I guess, the beginning of my sweet tooth, and the love affair that most of us have with those all so tempting desserts. Maybe it is the reward factor, after all, you can still hear my mother say "You can't have your pudding unless you eat all your greens."

Gordon developed his skills in desserts as a young commis chef at Guy Savoy, in Paris. It was the fact that he was given the chance to run the pastry section one night a week that saw him develop his skill to such a high degree. It is easy to forget in these days of prepared desserts that there is much skill in producing desserts, but learning to do so is something that is really rewarding. So, Just Desserts is the ideal book to start to build up your abilities.

There are eight chapters that cover: fruit, ices and creams, mousses, bavarois and soufflés, crêpes and batters, homely puddings, special occasions, accompaniments and chocolates and basics. As should be evident, there are recipes to cover just about any taste and season. Again, Gordon Ramsay has come up trumps with a cookery book that is full of exciting recipes and is written in a way that won't flummox those just starting to make their own desserts. I do wonder, though, about the copy writer they used to write the inside cover with "giving the impression that Gordon is standing by your side guiding every movement." Oh well, I guess it sounded good at the time.

We usually would list some of the recipes that you find within, but, for a change, lets cover the styles of desserts that you will find in the book. They are Syrups, Coulis, Compotes, Jellies, Roasted Fruits, Flavoured Creams, Ice Creams, Parfaits, Sorbets, Granitas, Mousses, Bavarois, Soufflés, Crêpes, Clafoutis, Tampura (Fruit), Babas, Tarts, Puddings, Trifles, Crème Brûlée, Pannacottas, Cheesecake, Profiteroles, Pithiviers, Shortbread, Meringues, Chocolate Truffles, Crème Anglaise (Custard) and Honeycomb. So, don't think this book is a coffee table special. No, this is a serious dessert cookery book that delivers excellent recipes. So, there you are. An excellent book anyone looking for their Just Desserts.