Made In Italy, Food and Stories

Locatelli, Giorgio

Keating, Sheila

ISBN: 101841157015

Publisher: Fourth Estate

In Australia, we are lucky enought to have many great italian restaurants and cafés. We believe that we understand italian food, what it means to enjoy eating, but Giorgio's book shows us how mistaken we are.

His book takes us on a journey around his italy, where he grow up, where he learnt about food and about the food business through his Uncle's restaurant and hotel. He recollects the role food played in bringing the family together, and how he associates food and sex.

Giorgio has put a lot of passion into this book. He has divided the book into Antipasta, Zuppa, Risotto, Pasta, Pesce, Carne and Dolci. Each section explores the ingredients that make up the different dishes, and presents the recipes in a beautiful manner. The descriptions are extensive and informative, making them an ideal reference for foodie and chef alike. Added to the recipes and ingredients, Giorgio has scatted some lovely anidotes and stories about his life and career in food.