Maggie's Kitchen

Beer, Maggie

ISBN: 9781921382024

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

I love Maggie Beer's approach to food: fresh, seasonal, simple and flavoursome. Maggie is one of Australia's favourite 'foodies', her passion for cooking has inspired a nation. In this book she shares what she believes you need to know to enjoy good food life. From having the right equipment, a well stock larder, to understanding seasonal fruit and vegetables, and of course the all important essential ingredients and cooking tips. With all of this she hopes to make cooking and food fun, an enjoyable experience for all.

Maggie's Kitchen offers over a 120 fabulous recipes, in her trademark style which always brings a smile to my face. For a tasty lunch or a light supper try a Mozzarella Sandwiches, these are pan fried simply with pancetta and basil, even the photo is making me hungry as a write. For those of you who (like myself) have a diversion to capsicums/peppers, a cooling Cucumber Gazpacho should be just the thing on a hot summers day. At my local farmers markets I regularly purchase these amazing young multi-coloured bunches of carrots, Maggie's recipe for Carrots in Verjuice with Goat's Cheese and Pine Nuts, retains their colour, texture and sweetness. For a warming Autumn meal Maggie's Roasted Pheasant with Apple and Calvados and to finish a decadent Chocolate Vina Cotto Pavlova should hit just the spot. Her down to earth recipes are easy to follow, are informative and include ingredients that are within the grasp of us mere mortals.

This book is beautifully presented with colourful bright full page photographs through out. Once again Maggie Beer has Produced a stunning book full of passion for the food she loves.