My China

Kylie Kwong

ISBN: 9780007271047

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Kylie Kwong is a very talented Australian-Chinese chef whose entertaining television program has brought her international fame. In "My China" Kylie Kwong travels through 10 different cities and provinces of China and Tibet. Not only exploring the food, but the many varied aspects of Chinese and Tibetan culture. The book is beautifully narrated bringing the people, their culture, life-style, food and environment to life. Stories and recipes are accompanied with plenty of rich and colourful photographs.

Kylie has taken authentic regional recipes which she has adapted for cooking at home, adding her own special twists. With over 80 new recipes, here are just a few to whet the appetite: Deep-fried Whole Sardines, Braised Pork Belly with Rock Sugar and Soy Sauce, Steamed Chicken with Hot and Sour Dressing, Rare Beef and King Prawn Salad with Soft-boiled Eggs, Steamed Oysters with Ginger, Chilli and Soy Dressing.

One of her favourite recipes, discovered while in her 'home' village was Stir Fried Pumpkin and Black Beans with Ginger. The recipe impressed her so much that it is now been served in her restaurant in Australia. The book really brings out the emotions and empathy she has for China and its people.

Full of inspiring stories, recipes and photographs "My China" takes you beyond the realms of your home and brings you a taste of China.