Oxford Companion to Food, The

Davidson, Alan

ISBN: 0192115790

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Containing information that you would need hundreds of books to obtain, the Oxford Companion to Food makes an extremely useful tool in the kitchen. How often have you needed to know what an ingredient is, or a cooking term or dish? Well, this book has many of the answers. It takes an international approach to food with over 2650 entries on foodstuffs from around the globe. It has taken over 20 years for the author Alan Davidson (food historian and writer) to create. There is no doubt that this book will appeal to professional chef and the serious home cook, as we can atest, as it is always in use.

To accompany his work are over 50 international authors and brilliant drawn illustrations. This book is clearly indexed and easy to follow foodie reference book that as far as I know has no equal.

It makes a great reference book for both the amateur and professional cook. Certainly one we recommend for your collection!