Percy's Cookbook

Bricknell-Webb, Tina

ISBN: 9781906122140

Publisher: Merlin Unwin Books Ltd

Percy's is an independent restaurant and hotel situated in beautiful West Devon. Much of the hotels success is owed to the high quality food prepared by Tina. Most of the ingredients for the restaurant comes from their 130 acre Coombeshead estate this includes sheep, pigs, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Everything else is sourced from trusted local suppliers. Tina is proud of what she has achieved through her hard work and long term passion for good food.

Percy's Cookbook has it's own unique style, chapters aren't listed by course but into produces origin, for example, The Field, The Sea, The Vegetable Garden, Dairy, to name a few. This allows Tina to take you through the restaurant's ingredients, from its source. She puts a huge emphasis on the importance of choosing your produce from quality suppliers and having a strong knowledge of their methods of production.

Recipes are of a homely nature without over powering sauces and elaborate garnishes. The quality and flavour of the main ingredients are allowed to shine through. That isn't to say you won't find exciting recipes to inspire. Vegetable dishes take equal billing along Meat and Fish, and she uses plenty of herbs from her garden to add flavour. Tina introduces you to each recipe with plenty of information on types of ingredients, as in cuts of meat and types of fish, along with methods of cookery and serving suggestions. Recipes are clearly written and easy to follow there is also a helpful star rating to help judge the effort needed for each dish. Along with each recipe are highlighted boxes with Tina Tips which include plenty of helpful ideas and information so that you can make the most of each dish. Along with over a 100 recipes Tina shows you how to cure your own bacon, make your own sausages, faggots, baked beans, muesli, clotted cream and proper custard. Other recipes include: Loin of Lamb, Marinated with Lavender, Garlic, Lime Juice and Olive Oil, Cauliflower and Sweet Parsley Fritters, Roast Woodcock, Plum Cobbler and Gorgeous Gooseberry Granita.

This cookbook is all about top quality fresh, seasonal, local, free range and organic ingredients, and real cooking. She encourages readers to be less reliant on supermarkets and unseasonal imported produce. This is a fabulous book with a very down to earth style, with accompanying photographs that bring the countryside and food to life.