Perfect Parties

Price, Alison

ISBN: 1856263258

Publisher: Kylie Cathie Limited

Alison Price has devoted nearly 30 years to organising others parties. She is head of a successful catering company which began in 1981 with just herself and her business partner to what is now wit a team of more than 20. Among her famous clientele is Elton John, whose famous 50th birthday fancy dress ball she created.

This book makes entertaining easy as Alison Price shows you how to create a successful party, from a humble picnic to a full blown wedding. She clearly guides us through all the stages of preparation to the party from sending out the invitations and through to catering for your guests. This includes recipes for drinks, canapés and meals which our well laid out and easy to follow, with guidelines on advance preparation and how to adapt them to different numbers and types of guests. Accompanying all of this are clear and colourful photographs which bring the book to life.

This book is indispensable guide for those of us who enjoy entertaining regularly or just on special occasions, this book makes an excellent investment.