Chocolate Desserts

Greenspan, Dorie

Pierre Hermé

ISBN: 0316357413

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Pierre Hermé is master of pastry and passionate about chocolate. He is a fourth generation pastry chef and among France's best. This book is a collaboration of Pierre Hermé and Dorie Greenspan (an acclaimed writer, with many cookbooks to her name).

This book takes you through Pierre's world of chocolate from simple cakes to sophisticated gateaus, amassing many recipes suitable for the novice and the accomplished cook, alike. Recipes have been adjusted for the home cook, as there is nothing worse than a cook book that looks great but is totally useless in the kitchen.

The book attracts the senses with a huge range of taste and textures, from hot to cold, sweet to tart, crunchy to creamy. Scrumptious recipes include, hot chocolate, truffles, Chocolate and Hazelnut Dacqoise, Pistachio Waffles with Chocolate Cream, Warm Chocolate Croquettes in Cold Coconut-Milk Tapioca Soup and my very favourite Concorde Cake (layers of chocolate meringue with chocolate mousse). Included are plenty of useful tips and a dictionary of terms, equipment and ingredients.

A great book for all good chocaholics.