Ottolenghi, Yotam

ISBN: 9780091933685

Publisher: Ebury Press

Yotam Ottolenghi is a well established as an exciting British food writer with his first book Ottolenghi:The Cookbook and his regular New Vegetarian column in the Guardian newspaper. With his eclectic style he makes food exciting and unusual.

Abound with limitless ideas his approach to food is passionate. Recipes are created from an international spectrum taking culinary techniques and ingredients to create enticing original recipes. This is a vegetarian cookbook with a difference it is full to the brim with enticing recipes that should even get those ciniques to try something new.

Chapters are focused on a main ingredient which makes the basis for each recipe, for example root vegetable, tomatoes, aubergine and brassicas. Some of my favourite recipes include Aubergine Croquettes, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese savoury pancake), Broad Bean Burgers, Puy Lentil Galettes, The Ultimate Winter Couscous and Goats Cheese Soufflés with Vanilla-Poached Peach (the list could go on for what seems forever). Recipes are un daunting, with pleasant introductions to the creation of each dish, clear selection of ingredients and easy to follow steps to each dish.

Beautifully illustrated throughout and complemented by colourful mouth watering photographs by Jonathan Lovekin. A great book for lovers of good fresh food. The best word to describe this book is YUM!