River Café Cookbook Green

Gray, Rose

Rogers, Ruth

ISBN: 0091865433

Publisher: Ebury Press

This is the third River Cafe Cook Book and is considered to be the best. This is a seasonal cook book that takes a handful of the freshest and best ingredients of the season to create delicious Italian dishes. With Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers comprehensive knowledge of fresh produce they have put together over 200 Italian recipes.

Recipes and ingredients are beautifully presented with clear and inspiring photographs and plenty of tips on how to choose the best ingredients. Recipes include Baked Buffalo Ricotta with Chili, Fennel and Crab Linguine, Spring Onion and Thyme Pizza and Hazelnut Praline Semifreddo.

This is a book for now encouraging us to use the best of seasonal ingredients and the production of fresh local ingredients. This is a great book for those who enjoy Italian food and the best of the season, recipes are varied so as to suit all levels of cooks.