Seasonal Food: A Guide to what's in season when and why

Waddington, Paul

ISBN: 1903919525

Publisher: Transworld Publishers

Paul Waddington's book, Seasonal Food, is a book I applaud. Not only does it strive to understand and take advantage of seasonal food that is at its best during a given month, it also allows us to be introspective about what we eat when convenience takes over. That is, it allows us understand the nett effect of buying 'fresh' food that is out of season.

So, from the above, you might be forgiven to think that the book is a political platform where preaching to the masses was the aim. Not so! The author just wants you know when it best to eat tomatoes, or which month is best for lamb. As he states, 'From Spring lamb to asparagus, from apples to wild salmon, local produce is better to eat than food that has been raised artificially.' Within his book, not only does he let know what is in season, when, he explains why things are best.

The book is not a cookbook. though there are one or two recipes or cooking and preserving tips of the freatured seasonal food in each chapter. Instead, think reference book, one that allows you to reference any month and determine what food is in season. This ia achieved by setting each month out with a very clear manner, where a table indicates what is best under the headings of: Seasonal Treats, Coming In and Going Out. Those heading are cross referenced against Vegetables, Fruit & Nut, Meat & Game and Fish and Seafood.

After the seasonal table, Paul next brings us a introduction to the Month, packed full of the foodie facts that lets us know what is happening. Then, we are introduced to the seasonal food items in detail. It is these introductions that makes this book a valuable reference. Each item is introduced clearly, giving escential details and facts, how to pick the best and other things to consider when buying it.

Want to know what is in season here in Britain? If you do, be it to allow you to cook the seasonal best or to help reduce your carbon footprint by buying local ingredients as opposed to those flown thousands of miles, then this book is for you. It is clearly laid out, with references, descriptions and tips to help the reader get more out of in season food.