Season To Taste

Tomlin, Liam

ISBN: 1770072004

Publisher: Struik Publishers

Liam Tomlin was born in Ireland, where he started working a kitchen hand at the age of 14. He worked up through the ranks in different restaurants across Ireland and Europe before moving down under to Australia. It is in Sydney that his talent for producing exceptional food got him noticed. So much so, that he won Australian Best Restaurant and Best Chef while running his restaurant, Banc. That, in a country that have more than its fair share of excellent restaurants speaks volumes about the man's abilities. Since then, Liam has moved to Cape Town as part of a new challenge to conquer the world of cuisine.

In Season to Taste, Liam has taken a different approach to presenting the subjects. Instead of presenting them in the seasons, they are presented under the main ingredient. So, we have 18 main ingredients listed, being: Tomatoes, Mushroom, Asparagus, Oysters, Scallops, Prawns, Salmon, John Dory, Swordfish, Pig's Trotters, Veal, Beef, Duck, Venison, Squab, Chocolate, Berries and Citrus.

With he approach of taking a main ingredient, Liam then presents recipes that are based around that ingredient. So, under Tomatoes there are: Tomato and Olive Tart, Tomato and Basil Consommé or Tomato Terrine with Baby Vegetables and Tomato Oil to name a few. The recipes are not simple, but the recipe description is such that any competent cook should be able to produce great results. As a side note, there are basic recipes for stocks and sauces that will allow you to build up complexity of your dishes in a way that professional chefs do.

The book is aimed at those that want to take their cooking to a higher level. The dishes are presented in a way that Liam, himself, would serve to you. The photos are beautiful and will whet your appetite.