Sichuan Cookery

Dunlop, Fuchsia

ISBN: 0140295410

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Sichuan Cookery originates from the region of south west China. Cooking from this area is famous for its spiciness. and for most people outside the provence that is where their knowledge stops. In fact Sichuan cooking boasts over 5000 traditional dishes, and through her book "Sichuan Cookery" Fuchsia Dunlop helps us to discover the many different styles of cookery found in the region.

Delving into the world of Sichuan cuisine, the reader is guided through the complexity of flavours and combinations of ingredients from the region. The book begins with the very basics, including equipment, ingredients and cookery techniques. Recipes are well written and concise, making them a joy to follow.

Fuchsia Dunlop has written a uniquely brilliant cook book on the least known of Chinese cuisines. An excellent book for all keen cooks.