Simply Seasonal

Macdonald, Claire

ISBN: 0593047524

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd

Claire Macdonald is an accomplished food writer from Kinloch Hotel in Skye. She has written many excellent cookbooks, all with an emphasis on seasonal cookery and Simply Seasonal is no exception. Simply Seasonal is written for today's lifestyle. While many of us like to cook for ourselves and others we don't want to be slaves to the kitchen. This collection of recipes makes cooking and entertaining easier with uncomplicated recipes and dishes that can be prepared in advance.

These recipes have a strong emphasis on using food which is seasonally good, without relying on supermarket ingredients, therefore the book is broken up into seasons. Being based in Skye with plenty of seasonal fresh ingredients at her doorstep Claire Macdonald has a strong understanding on how important it is to buy fresh produce from quality suppliers and this shines through in her book.

Each section begins with an introduction to the season and what it can bring to our table. Recipes are very clear and simple to follow with plenty of guidelines and hints to take the pressure off the cook. They include delicious but easy to prepare dishes such as Garlic-buttered Langoustine for summer and Venison Pudding for cold winter evenings.

I love this book as I do all Claire Macdonald's books. It brings with it an enthusiasm to cooking often missed in many cookbooks, encouraging the reader to try new recipes. A great book for those who love entertaining but often find other cookbooks too time-consuming, and anyone who simply enjoys producing good seasonal food.