Simply Seaweed

Ellis, Lesley

ISBN: 18986897450

Publisher: Grub Street

When I think of eating seaweed, I think of Japanese dishes. Well, that is not quiet true, for I love lava bread, that traditional dish from Wales. So I was very interested in expanding my knowledge of how this undervalued food source.

Lesley has produced a very interesting book that has both a very informative introduction to the subject and numerous recipes. The history is very interesting, as in the example of Sweet Kelp stems been a treat for Hebrides children, tasting like peanut butter. It does show how food fashion has turned its back on this valuable food resource, with the majority of uses been in the unseen stages of mass produced, convenience food.

So what sort of seaweed recipes are there in the book? Well, there are the classics like Welsh Laver Soup and Japanese Chicken Soup. Additionally there are recipes such as: Spicy Chicken and Hijiki Pancakes, Apple Snow (with agar flakes as the egg substitute), Irish Moss Ginger Pudding and Samphire with Nut-Brown Butter Sauce. As any vegetarian or vegan knows, seaweed is a great substitute for eggs, and is ideal replacement for geletine.

While seaweed is not available everywhere, it is worth the effort to go and find a local supplier. Simply Seaweed will help you start to discover how to buy, cook and enjoy this undervalued commodity.