Sue Lawrence's Scottish Kitchen

Lawrence, Sue

ISBN: 0755310500

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

With over a 100 recipes Sue Lawrence's Scottish Kitchen brings to life the food of Scotland, a country with an amazing selection of high quality ingredients and traditional recipes. Many may be surprised by the wealth of food this country has to offer. This book shows the world how special the food from Scotland really is!

The book has been separated into 10 themed chapters from a "Hearty Breakfast" and "A lochside picnic" to "Hogmany" and "Chitterin food". Included are traditional recipes with modern twists, resulting in exciting but down to earth dishes, such as: "Parmesan Shortbread", "White Chocolate and Cardamom Tablet", "Avocado Cock-a-Leekie" and "Herb Scotch Eggs". While a further selection of recipes are based on the amazing ingredients the country offers including; "Isle of Mull Cheese and Ham, Bread and Butter Pudding" (a sharp tasting cheddar made from unpasturised milk in the Isle of Mull), "Barley Risotto with Chanterelles", "Haggis Tartlets with Red Onion Marmalade" and "Raspberry and Drambuie Créme Fraîche".

Recipes are clear and uncomplicated with informative introductions. Accompaning the text are fabulous photographs of the Scottish countryside, along with lots of mouthwatering photographs of the dishes. An excellent book from a great Edinburgh food writer, Sue Lawrence's recipes are full of passion and life.