Taste of Britain, The

Mason, Laura

Brown, Catherine

ISBN: 100007241321

Publisher: Harper Press

The Taste of Britain is a good book! I know that is a very short review, but it is a very fair way to describe it. So, what else am I going to say about it? Well, not only is it good, but it is provokes us foodies into action, searching for some of the fine regional cuisine and ingredients that it talks about. Not bad, and far better that a hundred TV shows on the subject of Britain's regional food.

Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall has provided an introduction to this book, but to me that is a mere distraction. I agree with him that we should search out the rare and interesting foodie treasures from this fair isle, and with this book you will be on the right track. North Ronaldsay Sheep to Black Beer, through to Norfolk Black Turkey and Samphire are some of the hundreds of ingredients and items you can find detailed in the book. For a Scot, I am pleased to see for once that Scotland is more than a side bar when it comes to ingredients, and that the Isle of Mann gets a chapter to itself, unheard of in the vast majority of books on the subject.

The book is a valuble reference to any foodie that lives or visits Britain. It will make a valuble contribution to the foodie's library.