Thai Food

Thompson, David

ISBN: 1862055149

Publisher: Chrysalis Books

David Thompson is a world renowned chef from Australia. His restaurants in Sydney have brought great recognition and appreciation for Thai cuisine. He recently opened "nahm" in London's Halkin Hotel and has already been awarded a Michelin star, confirming his reputation as an excellent chef.

This book is far from a simple cookbook, but a more a study of Thailand's unique cuisine, culture, history and people. David Thompson has brought the ancient cuisine with all its great regional diversities to the reader before it is altered beyond recognition.

Recipes, while easy to prepare, contain all the complexity that makes this cuisine what it is; David encourages cooks to learn and explore this food with respect for what it should be. Outstandingly presented recipes are well written, including a background to their history, ingredients and techniques. With mouth watering Marinated Prawn Salad with Grated Coconut, Crab Steamed with Ginger and Caramelised Coconut Dumplings, recipes will inspire all good cooks to delve into the cuisine. Superb photography of the country, people and cuisine, helps to make this book great.

Beautifully presented in Thai silk this book is a fabulous gift for those with a passion for food.

(Note, the cover design in the UK is different from the one used in the US.)