The Cook's Book Of Everything

Grimes, Lulu

ISBN: 9781741960334

Publisher: Murdoch Books

This is a helpful book which covers all the basics, with a selection of international recipes both traditional and modern. Chapters cover all the normal categories: soup, poultry, seafood, vegetables and so on. Included are the building blocks, such as the preparation of a good stock, how to test an egg for freshness, choosing seafood, bread basics etc. There are plenty of cooking tips, techniques and interesting information on unusual ingredients and dishes origins. Of course as with all books of this style their are plenty of photos some showing the steps of recipes.

Lulu Grimes has 20 years experience as a food editor for books and magazines. She is presently the food editor for Olive magazine in the U.K. In this book she brings together a comprehensive guide to cooking with a huge selection of well tested recipes. For just a taste of the international selection this book has to offer there is: New England Chowder, Artichoke Fritata, Peking Duck, Tzakziki, Prawn Tempura, Lancashire Hotpot, Veal Marsala, Anzac Biscuits and Crepe Suzette.

This book is what it should be a comprehensive guide to cooking. Of course it doesn't cover everything as Lulu Grimes puts it "There is the internet for that." She has though put together a fairly thorough cookbook with a modern approach. So if a fresh new cooking dictionary is what you are looking for, this could be the book for you.