Lake House, a culinary journey in country Australia

Wolf-Tasker, Alla

ISBN: 1740663837

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Alla Wolf-Tasker's Lake House is a book of her personal journey of food discovery and creating a restaurant. Her introduction has some honest words about couples whom, in a daqaurie haze, blindly start on the road of hospitality. That text should be a warning to those dreaming of opening a restaurant. Luckily, they never followed that advice, as we would not have The Lake House Restaurant.

The book, as alluded to, is a lovely journey from a start of their restaurant through to success and fame. We can't imagine, in Australia in the '70s, opening a restaurant of this style. I remember being dragged around the country-side to horrid coffee shops and cafés, where the best you could expect was scones and cream in 35°c in the shade. They were either mad or they had an insigth to what was going to happen to food in Australia. Lucky for their customers, they did open their restaurant and that, as they say, is that.

Ignoring my thoughts about growing up in Australia, what about the recipes? Well, the book has the most lovely recipes. While only some 70km from the heart of Melbourne, the food is more Italian or European, like Braise of Fresh Eel with Tomatoes and Olives or Snapper and Oysters with Cucumber, Sorrel and Champange in the seafood recipes. Under the meat and game sections, they have some excellent recipes, like Hare Cannelloni with Spiced Carrot Cream or Roast Kangaroo Fillet with Beet Greens, Glazed Beetroot and Sage Fritters. Don't worry, for the dessert section has Apricot Tarte Tatin or Lemon Ice Cream 'Sandwiches' to name just two, so there is something for everyone.