The Whole Hog

Wilson, Carol

Trotter, Christopher

ISBN: 9781862058613

Publisher: Pavilion

This book is a celebration of everything pig. Not simply another pig based cookbook, this book includes an entertaining and educational history of this fascinating animal which includes the myths, geography and culinary importance of the hog. After dealing with the history the book then discusses the all important cuts, how to choose the best type and how to recognise and cook them.

As the name suggests, this book shows you how to cook virtually every part of the hog. The recipes are covered over five chapters: The Cuts, Bacon, Ham, Sausages and Intriguing others. Included within these chapters are an amazing selection of international dishes. The book takes us on a culinary journey that includes Honey Pork with Roast Potatoes and Apples, Burmese Golden Pork, Asturian Bean Stew, Dean & Deluca Croque Signor, Feijoada, Pork and Pistachio Terrine, too Bath Chaps. Introductions to recipes include plenty of information on the dishes origin, history and how to cook. There are also plenty of mouth watering photos and entertaining illustrations.

A fabulous book, handsomely presented and full to the brim with everything a pig. An excellent addition to anyone's culinary book collection.