Wild Food

Phillips, Roger

ISBN: 0330280694

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Why do we keep this book on our list for over ten years? Well, the book is a brilliant guide to the world of wild food. Roger Phillips has a chosen a wide selection of edible wild food with clear explanations of where and how to collect them. He has accompanied these with clear and colourful photographs of them in the wild, helping in their identification. The ingredients are shown prepared in tasty recipes that have been contributed by well known food writers, chefs and Roger Philips friends. These include Stephen Bull, Jane Grigson and Katie Stewart among others.

We are surrounded by a wide resource of food from the wild which most of us are yet to discover. This is an encouraging and informative reference book for the experienced and the inexperienced forager of wild food. This is the best wild food reference book I have read and I highly recommend it.