Zenbu Zen

Lawson, Jane

ISBN: 9781741968415

Publisher: Murdoch Books

When Jane Lawson found herself stressed and without direction, she escaped to the stunning Japanese city of Kyoto. Here immersing herself in the countries culture and food she found her zen. This book takes the reader on her journey.

Beautifully presented with stunning photography and over 60 mouth watering recipes including making your own noodles and tofu. Other recipes include: Slow Simmered Pork Belly in Shoyu and Black Sugar, Prawn and Taro Dumplings Yuzu and Saikyo Miso Ice Cream Unlike many Japanese cookbooks recipes are un daunting but still enticing, allowing even the novice a chance to enjoy preparing this delicious food. This is not just a cookbook but a personal insight into the people and culture of Kyoto.

Jane Lawson is an amazing writer with her own very unique style that flows so well. This is a fabulous book not only for those with a passion for Japanese regional cuisine but also those interested in the country itself.