Heritage Pride - Biodynamic Meats

We are a small, specialist farm producing biodynamic meat of the finest eating quality- consistently!. We guarantee true provanence and purity. As well as our biodynamic farming methods, we practice unique nutritional programmes with both diet and parasite control for our animals.

We only sell direct - and not through third party retailers. All our meat is sold by the weight of the carcass being butchered, (For example you might purchase a 1/4 Piggy Box, and each Piggy is very different in size and weight), as such the price and cuts vary in each individual meat box. (We do not supply meats on a cut by cut basis, as we need to maintain efficient butchery and delivery of our hugely popular boxed produce - every cut comes from the same carcus, which we feel is very important.) For these reasons we would recommend that you email us with your prefered meat order, so that we can make a priority of your order.