Talbot Farmers' Market

Talbot Historic Precinct
Scandinavian Cresent

3rd Sunday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Come to the Talbot Farmers' Market for fabulously fresh seasonal produce direct from farm to consumer. It is located in the Talbot's historic precinct, Scandinavian Crescent and Camp Street.

The people who produce the best food, finest wine and greatest range of seasonal delights - as well as chooks, ducks, pigs, geese, fish and goats.

Producer Produce
Angelica Organic Farm Only a few years old and “in conversion” to certified organic status. They sell garlic, vegetables, culinary herbs, heirloom and common varieties of tomatoes and cut flowers.
John Bennett Road side seller of a variety of vegetables filling seasonal gaps as Talbot has no substantial fruit and vegetable outlets of its own. His truck is at the South end of Scandinavian Crescent.
Birdwoodton Best Produce Dried muscatels, fresh citrus, melons, mushrooms and avocados from their family farms in Mildura. They sell from Scandinavian Crescent in front of the community garden.
Blackwood Orchards Produces fine varieties of apples and cherries and sell from Scandinavian Crescent opposite Cafe De Veres at London House
Captain's Creek Sells certified organic seasonal vegetables and wine from Camp Street.
Joan Carter Locally grown green leafy vegetables (specialising in salad mixes) and garlic in Scandinavian Crescent.
Central Highland Herbs Freshly cut basil and coriander in Camp Street.
Frank Farrinder Black Russian tomatoes, melons, grapes and other fruit and vegetables in Scandinavian Crescent opposite Slightly Bent book shop.
Graces Bend Vineyard Oranges, avocados, blood oranges, tangelos, lemons, pistachios and fresh orange juice in Camp Street opposite Saddlers Cottage.
Harcourt Hydroponic Tomatoes Occasionally sell varieties of fresh tomatoes.
Max Henderson Home grown fruit and vegetables.
Highland Bulbs Bottled grape juice, potatoes and flower bulbs in Scandinavian Crescent
Langdale Orchards Apples from their orchard in the Harcourt region and home made preserves in Camp street at the corner of Scandinavian Crescent.
Lockhart Almonds Almonds, preserves, pumpkins, beans and seeds for cooking in Camp Street opposite Saddlers Cottage
Sandra Morse Seasonal stone fruit in Scandinavian Crescent North
Barry Klemm Home grown beetroot, lemons and prized Peonies in Scandinavian Crescent during spring and summer.
Tania and Bay Kraak All sorts of potatoes in Camp Street.
Pobblebonk Farm Vegetables, eggs, quince paste, lemon butter, rose hips, Russian garlic, unusual plants and herbs, worm wee and other seasonal products
Rivers Edge Herbs, tomato seedlings in large pots, snow peas, peppers, pumpkins silver beet, rainbow chard, figs, beetroot and brussels sprouts in Scandinavian Crescent, North.
Ross Creek Garlic Fresh, minced and pickled garlic.