Willunga Farmers Market

Willunga Town Square

Every Saturday
8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The ever popular Willunga Farmers Market has grown into on of the most dynamic farmers markets in South Australia, offering shoppers the best seasonal produce and food products, direct from the people that make them. Sample their products, and know when you buy something, the money is going to the people who did the hard work! So successful have this market become, that it recently won the most outstanding farmers market in Australia at the Vogue Entertaining and Travel Produce awards.

Since the markets started in 2002, it has grown in popularity, now having over 60 stall holders and large following of customers from the Peninsula, Adelaide and beyond. It is easy to understand the popularity of the markets, be a great location, fantasic produce and food products and being able to discuss where the food you buy comes from with the producers, themselves. We recommend getting there early to get the best choice, and take the opportunity to enjoy breakfast or opt of some cakes and coffee.

So, what are you going to be able to buy there? Well, you can buy seasonal food, like organic and free range meat and poultry, such as lamb, beef, pork, ducks, chicken. Seafood is avialable, as in oysters, trout and smoked fish. We must not forget the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as honey, eggs, herbs.

Producers List

  • Adelaide Hills Avocado
  • Alexandrina Cheese
  • Angelino's pane e pizza
  • Ashbourne Valley Orchards
  • Ask for Organic
  • Beach Organics
  • B-D Farm Paris Creek
  • Bickleigh Vale Farm
  • Bimbimbie
  • Biscuit Basket
  • Blue Cottage Almonds
  • Do Bee Honey
  • Fat Goose Fruits
  • Fleurieu Garlic
  • Fleurieu Lavender
  • Fleurieu Milk
  • Flour Power Breads
  • Fox Creek
  • Frantic Whisk
  • Fresh Field
  • Gerry Bariamis
  • Glaetzers
  • Happy Foods
  • Hardings Fine Foods
  • Hart's Vegetables
  • Herbivorous
  • Hillside Herbs
  • Hillside strawberries
  • Honey Lady
  • Honey Lady Tea
  • Illawong
  • John Edmeades
  • Lacewood
  • Lane Family Trust
  • Lina Kondoprias
  • Limestone Coast Trout
  • Martins Oysters
  • Matchett Productions
  • McLaren Vale Avocado
  • McLaren Vale Orchards
  • Merry Cherry Farms
  • Minko
  • Miss Merbein
  • Mount Magnificent Farm
  • Mt Compass Orchards
  • Mt Compass Venison
  • Original Cereal
  • Pertaringa
  • Piccolo Espresso
  • Relish Sisters
  • SA Compost
  • Slate Hill Café
  • Soula
  • Soul'y Bread
  • Spice Girlz
  • Starlight Springs
  • Sweettart
  • Taronga Orchards
  • Tauwitchere Pastoral
  • The Goods
  • Tobalong Tomatoes
  • Tooperang Eggs
  • Triple B
  • Virgaras Garden
  • Warrakilla Fine Foods
  • Willunga Olive Farm
  • Willunga Pasta Company
  • Willunga Plains Flowers
  • Woodside Cheese
  • Yankaponga Lamb

If you want to know more, visit the Willunga Farmers Market Website, which has a lot of facts and information of the producers and the market itself.