Barbecued Peaches with Amaretti Mascarpone

Barbecued Peaches with Amaretti Mascarpone ready to eat

Peaches barbecue well, as they are firm and will tolerate the heat. Marinating them in amaretto gives them a bit of a kick, if you don't have amaretto a little rum with extra sugar makes a good substitute.

6 Portions
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 10-15 minutes



  • 6 peaches, ripe but still firm
  • 150ml Amaretto
  • 3 tbsp. caster sugar


  • 300g mascarpone
  • 6 amaretti biscuits, crushed

To Serve

  • 12 amaretti biscuits
  • 100 ml amaretto (optional)


  1. Peaches: Halve the peaches and remove the stones. Mix the amaretto and the sugar together in a bowl. Place the peaches in the mixture flesh side down and leave to marinate for 1-4 hours.
  2. To Cook: Place the peaches flesh side down on the side grills of a moderate barbecue for 8-10 minutes. The peaches should have grill marks and be slightly soft.
  3. Mascarpone: Mix the mascarpone and crushed biscuits together in a bowl. This is best prepared just before serving, as the biscuits will become soggy.
  4. To Serve: Place 2 peach halves on each plate; place a spoonful of the mascarpone into the centre where the stone was, and if you desire pour over a little amaretto onto the peaches. Place 2 biscuits on each plate and serve.