Spanish Hot Chocolate

Spanish hot chocolate is made from the real stuff and is sweetened by a little added sugar not sugar contained in fatty chocolate. The Spanish enjoy their hot chocolate for breakfast accompanied by churros or fried bread.

6 Portions
Prep: 2 minutes
Cook: 2-3 minutes


Hot Chocolate

  • 1.2 litres milk
  • 300g chocolate (80% cocoa)
  • 1 tbsp sugar

To Serve

  • 1tsp cinnamon, ground
  • Churros, optional (see recipe)


  1. Hot Chocolate: Place the chocolate, sugar and milk in a saucepan. Place it over a moderate-high heat and whisk it until it is at a strong simmer (just below boiling point). The chocolate should be melted and the sugar dissolved. Serve.
  2. To Serve: Pour the chocolate milk into 4-6 mugs and sprinkle over a little cinnamon. Serve on their own or accompanied with churros.