Loose Birds & Game

Pern, Andrew

ISBN: 9780955893018

Publisher: Face Publications

Those who are in the know will remember Andrew Pern's first book, Black Pudding & Foie Gras, and have been waiting with bated breath and rumbling tummies for the sequel. Well, the good news is that the wait is over, as Andrew has written his next book, Loose Birds & Game. Thumbing through it I can tell it is even better than his first, and is bound to be another award winning success in its own right. It is easy to see Andrew's passion for game. Straight away, we can feel the pride and pleasure that Andrew has in presenting his game recipes.

Game is a true seasonal food, with hunting taking place over a short period of time when the game is at its most abundant. The shoot, of course, is only half the story; more importantly is how you prepare and cook the game. Loose Birds and Game is Andrew Pern's take on how to take game and serve it up in ways that bring out the best of it. Not only do we have some excellent classics, we are presented with original recipes that has made The Star Inn a world famous restaurant.

Diving into the book, we find each chapter covering a type of game or about it, and we are presented with those lovely recipes. Talking about the recipes, Andrew has brought us 65 mouthwatering recipes to try, such as: Smoked Pheasant, Savoy Cabbage and Beetroot Terrine with Walnut and Quince Dressing, Duncombe Park Roe Deer Carpaccio with Yoadwath Mill Smoked Trout, Ampleforth Abbey ‘Discovery’ apple and Garden Fennel Remoulade and Baked Dill Grissini, Breast of Corn-fed Guinea Fowl with Garden Lemon Balm Risotto, Morel Mushrooms and Crispy Yoadwath Mill Kiln-smoked Ham and Chicken ‘Hotch Potch’ with Star Inn Kitchen Garden Vegetables.

While the shooting of game is an emotive subject to some, it is good to see a book that presents the subject in a level handed manner. Loose Birds and Game takes us on a journey about food, one that is more real and honest than the industrial scale farming that produces most food you find on the supermarket shelves. The game has lived a life free of restrictions, making them truly free range. Additionally, the very nature of the life the game lives makes it healthy, low in fat and cholesterol.

Again, Andrew has produced a great book that brings to life the recipes that makes the Star Inn World famous. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or you have never tried to cook game before, this book will allow you to produce some superb dishes. It is certain to rekindle Game as a 'new' food trend.